Membership FAQs

LimeLight Sports Club Membership FAQs



What is LimeLight Sports Club? 

Become a LimeLight Sports Club (LSC) member to join the newest and fastest growing active community. A community you can still join as a Founding Member and benefit from an incredible array of discounts and exclusives on the events you love, and from the brands you value. Members will save up to 60% on our LimeLight Original Events and can win free tickets to Europe’s most oversubscribed, sold out events. Open the doors to curated, personalised content on all the things we know you will love. How will we know? Because we love the active world just like you. 


What are the LimeLight Sports Club Originals? 

The 7 Originals are our very own LimeLight Sports Club events:  

  • ASICS London 10K  
  • Etape Caledonia  
  • London Triathlon  
  • London Duathlon  
  • Hackney Moves  
  • Oxford Half 
  • Blenheim Palace Triathlon 


Becoming a member: 

I’m an Account Holder, how can I upgrade my membership? 

You will be able to upgrade to the LimeLight Sports Club membership by following this link here and logging in with your Account Holder credentials. Once logged in, you will be redirected to your Profile, but if you select the dropdown button in the top right-hand corner then you will be able to select Upgrade to pay for your membership plan. 

What are the benefits of being a member? 

If you become a Limelight Sports Club Member then you will have exclusive access to some of the most sought after sports events, discounts, freebies, competitions, content as well as being part of a community that shares the same interest in the active world as you. In addition to this you will get access ticket flexibility to all of our events. 


How much does a membership cost? 

We have one annual subscription plan, equating to less than 92p per week! 

Available Subscription Plans: 

  • Annually - £39.98 (for 12 months) 


Is there a free trial period?  

A free trial period is not available. You will only be able to access the benefits of the membership after purchasing your subscription plan. However, you will be able to download the app and create an Account Holder (free of charge) and this will give you the opportunity to review all the main features. 


What are the Terms and Conditions? 

If you want to know more about our Terms and Conditions, you can read them here. For our privacy policy, click here


Member questions  

How do I access my member-exclusive offers and discounts? 

Once you’ve signed up, you will be able to download your LimeLight Sports Club app and this will be where you can find all of your member offers and exclusives in one place! All member-exclusive offers that are live and available to use will show under ‘All Offers’ on the Members Offers page and any previous redemptions will show under ‘My Offers’. 

How can I reset my password? 

If you have forgotten your password, please head to the My LSC page of your app. Go to settings and just click ‘Reset Password’ or you can head to our website here and select ‘Reset Password’.  

The password must contain at least 1 uppercase character, 1 special character and 1 digit. 

Can I refund or defer my event entry? 

As a member you can cancel and refund your ticket up to 1 month before the published event date and defer it up to 1 week before the event. Alternatively, you can transfer it to another LSC member at no extra cost. 

Does my LSC Membership apply to event tickets bought in 2022? 

All tickets purchased in 2022 are subject to the 2022 event specific terms and conditions. The membership terms and conditions regarding refunds, deferrals and transfers cannot be applied to event purchases retrospectively. 

How can I cancel my membership? 

The LSC Membership is an annual subscription and if you opted for the monthly option then payment is due for 12 months to cover the full year. This is covered in the terms and conditions (cl 4.4) here: 

You can cancel your auto-renewal at any time, but please note the annual membership is non-refundable. You will be able to change this setting by visiting ‘My LSC Profile on’ our website here. Once logged in, you will land on your membership profile and will be able to select ‘Manage Subscription’. From there, you will be able to terminate and provide any feedback. We are always looking for new ways to improve our service, so if you have a moment to spare then we would love to hear your thoughts and better understand your reasons for discontinuing your subscription with us. 

For more information about this, please contact 


How can I update my payment details? 

If you would like to change your payment details, you will be able to do so by visiting our website here and logging into your LSC account. You will be directed to your ‘My Membership’ page and this will allow you to update your payment method. 


Where can I change my address?  

You will be able to change your home address by visiting our website here and logging into your LSC account. You will be directed to your ‘My LSC Profile page’ and this will allow you to update your address. 



How do I redeem my ticket?  

If you have purchased an event ticket(s) with your membership plan then you will need to redeem your ticket(s) and complete event-specific information now that our event registrations have opened.  

We require all participants to redeem their ticket(s) and complete their registration prior to the event taking place, so that we have the correct medical information, emergency contact details and predicted finishing time. You will be able to redeem your ticket when we contact you in the new year with all the details.   


Why does my registration show as incomplete on my profile?  

If it says your registration is incomplete on your profile it means you have not yet redeemed your ticket for an event you have purchased. Once registration opens for your event you will be notified, and you will be able to register. 


Why did I not receive a confirmation email? 

A confirmation email of your purchase will be sent to the email address you registered with, so please check your junk folder as it often find its way there. Our domain may not be on your safe sender list, so make sure to add us as a safe sender once you have located your email. 

If you are still unable to locate your confirmation email then please contact our team on 


Why are my events not showing on my profile? 

If this isn’t currently showing in your app under ‘My Events’ please try logging out and back in again as it may just need a refresh – if this still isn’t showing, please contact us on and if you could share a screenshot and detail about the device you’re using (IOS / Android) that’d be much appreciated. 


Where do I find my booking reference? 

If you have not completed your registration, you won’t have received a booking reference just yet. However, it is likely you are being sent to the webpage as you may have been on this page before the website was live for registrations and the memory of this page is stored in your cashe. We would recommend selecting ‘Enter Now’ in the top banner to return to the correct registration page. Alternatively, you can clear our website from your cashe or open a private/incognito web browser to reach the correct registration page. 


What is the age requirement to patriciate?  

You must be at least 17 years old at the end of the calendar year of the event date.  


I have a disability, can I still participate?  

We are an all-inclusive event and do our utmost to accommodate participants with disabilities.  Please contact our Customer Service Team, with a description of your disability. We will assess this and establish if it is possible to compete and what we require to make this feasible.  


I have general entry place, can I still run for a charity? 

You're free to raise funds for whichever charity you like. If you don't have a charity in mind, you can find our supporting charities on our event page here.