London Duathlon FAQs

London Duathlon FAQs 



When is the London Duathlon taking place? 

3rd September 2023  


What challenge options are there for the London Duathlon?  

  • Full Duathlon – Individual entry: 10k run / 44k bike / 5k run   

  • Half Duathlon – Individual entry: 5k run / 22k bike / 5k run  

  • Ultra Duathlon – Individual entry: 20k run/ 77k bike/ 10k run  

  • Relay Duathlon – Team Entry: 10k run / 44k bike / 5k run (Split between each team member). Relay teams can have either 2 or 3 people in each team.  


I have entered the race. How/ when do I find out about the race day?  

There will be plenty of information published about the London Duathlon on our website and social media channels in the build-up to event day. Furthermore, details of how to get your race number, start times and race instructions, will be shared with you 2 weeks before the event.   


What is the age limit for entrants?  

You must be at least 17 years old at the end of the calendar year of the event.  


I have a disability, can I still participate?  

We are an all-inclusive event and do our utmost to accommodate participants with disabilities.  Please contact our Customer Experience Team on, with a description of your disability. We will assess this and establish if it is possible to compete and what we require to make this feasible.  





How do I edit my registration details?   

If you need to change any details of your registration, please email and the customer experience team will be able to assist. 


Where can I find more information on my registration? 

For details on how to access your registration information and other general registration questions, please email 


How do I enter?  

You can register for 2023 exclusively by becoming a LimeLight Sports Club member, and save yourself up to £33 on Standard entry in the process! Click here to secure your membership and London Duathlon place now.  


If you do not wish to take advantage of the LSC Membership advantages, you can register for interest for our standard entry here


How do I guarantee a place? 

There is no specified closing date for entries, but some categories may fill up faster than others so we’d recommend joining earlier to ensure you don’t miss out. Once you have completed the online registration form, your place is confirmed for the event.   


How do I know that I am entered into the event?  

You should receive a confirmation email from us or our booking partner Let's Do This depending on if you bought a general entry or an entry through your LSC Membership, confirming your payment and the challenge you’ve entered.  

If you are unsure that you are entered into the event, follow the procedure below:  

  1. Log in to your account  here, using your email address and password.  

  2. Check to see if you received a confirmation email from us. If you have a confirmation email, then you have a place in the race.  

Note - you may not be receiving any emails from us even if you are entered. This can be for a number of reasons:  

  • You provided us with an incorrect or out of date email address  

  • The emails are being directed into your junk folder  

  • Our emails are being rejected by your email server  

  1. If the entry fee has not been taken from your account, then you are not entered.   

  2. If you have been charged the entry fee but have not received any emails from us, please contact us. We will respond to let you know whether you are entered or not. If you are concerned that you aren't entered into the event, please do not leave it until the last minute to query it.  


I am unable to race, can I have a refund or transfer my place to next year? 

Unfortunately we cannot offer any refunds or transfer places to next year. There are a great deal of costs involved in staging an event of this proportion, such as paying for staffing, infrastructure, road closures and medical cover, all of which aren’t recoverable.  

However, new for the 2022 event we will have a Covid Guarantee - please refer to Section 5 of the Terms & Conditionsfor more information. - still relevant to 2023? 


Can I change the race category to which I am entered? 

Yes you can make changes, but all changes must be made before the closing date of registration, and only if there is still capacity within the new category selected. After this deadline we will be unable to make category changes to your entry. If there is a price increase to the new category you opt to join, you will be charged accordingly. - still relevant to 2023? 


Can I pass my place onto someone else? 

Limelight Sports Club Members:  

LSC Members can transfer their place to another subscribed LSC Member up to 7 days before the event. This must be requested in writing to, by the person transferring their place, with the full name and e-mail of the LSC Member taking their place included.  


If you have a standard entry (not an LSC Member) and you are participating in an individual challenge, you CANNOT pass your place onto someone else. Each place in the race is unique and upon registration you will provide medical information and emergency contact details that are specific to you. If you pass on your Race Number, you could be endangering that person as we would have no information related to them, should there be an accident where medical attention was required.    

Relay Entries:  

Teams may make personnel changes of their team members only (not Captains) by logging back into the account of the Team Captain (the person who registered the whole team). Any changes must be made before the closing date of registration and must be updated on your team registration with the new team members details. Failure to do so can result in the team being disqualified.  


My address/ telephone details are no longer up to date. How do I change them? 

Log into your account here using your email and password to edit your details. There is information you cannot change, such as your email address. Please contact us if you need to change this. If you have a problem logging in, please contact us.  

If you are expecting for anything to be delivered to you for the event, please ensure your address is up to date 4 weeks before registration closes, as we may not be able to make amends after this point.  


You have got my age group wrong 

Your age group is based upon the date of birth that you entered. Note that your age group is determined by your age at 31 December of the race year and not your age on race day (in accordance with BTF rules).  




Are pets allowed? 

Event Village  

Yes, however they must remain on their lead at all times and be accompanied by one of your spectators, for the safety of them, our staff and other participants, as well as the other wildlife that Richmond Park is home to.  


Participants cannot race with their pets on the route. If spectators take pets along the route, please ensure they remain off the route itself and are on a lead at all times for the safety of our competitors.  


Are Spectators allowed?  

Yes, it will be an exciting day out for friends, family and local supports. The Event village will be open for spectators to enjoy the atmosphere and cheer on the duathletes.   


Are disc brakes and disc wheels allowed? 

Disc brakes are allowed as this is a non-drafting event. Disc wheels are also permitted at the event, however this may be amended should the Event Organiser and Technical Official decide in the interest of safety, such as high winds.  

Fixed wheel bikes are not permitted in the race and handlebars must not have bare metal ends – please obtain stoppers to plug them before coming to the race.  


Is the event registered by the BTF? 

London Duathlon is not currently registered with the BTF but operates as an independent event covered by its own insurance policy in line with best practice in the event organisation industry. We do follow BTF Rules which can be found here.  


Is water available during the races? 

There will be a number of water stations on each run route. There will also be water stations on the bike route but only for the Ultra participants - it is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough fluid to keep yourself hydrated on the bike leg.   

Please bring your own bottles to refill with water as we will not provide paper cups in our efforts to become carbon neutral by 2025.  


Can I listen to music whilst racing? 

Unfortunately, we do not allow participants to race with headphones in. The safety of our participants is paramount and through wearing headphones you will be less likely to hear other competitors or marshals, which could become a hazard on route. By not wearing headphones you will also be able to enjoy the experience more and soak up the encouragement from spectators. If you are seen to be wearing headphones on race day you will be kindly asked to remove them and if caught with them during the race you will be disqualified. Furthermore, no mobile phones or MP3 players are allowed to be used in transition or while you are racing.  


What time should I arrive? 

You should arrive 90 minutes before your start to get your gear set up correctly in transition before warming up and making your way to the start line.   


What do I get in my race day pack?  

  • Official race number  – to be worn on your front  

  • Bike race number – to be tied to front of your bike  

  • Bike Sticker  

  • Seat post sticker

  • Helmet Sticker   

  • Security Wristband  

  • Timing chip - reusable and to be worn on your left ankle


Is parking available in Richmond Park? 

Yes, there will be limited race day parking available in Richmond Park. We will be in touch with all participants ahead of race day with the chance to purchase a first come first served parking space.   

If you do not purchase a car parking place, we’ll share information within our travel advice page in the lead up to the event as to locations of other nearby options.  


How do I get to Richmond Park? 

Our travel advice page will be available on the website in advance of race day including closest stations, road directions and other car parks available if you do not purchase a place in our car park.