Richmond Park is London’s largest Royal park and the largest urban park in Europe, covering an area of 2,500 acres. Therefore, making it the perfect place to host the world’s largest duathlon – The London Duathlon.

Richmond Park is a top site in the UK for ancient trees and supports a range of range species including fungi, birds, beetles, bats, grasses and wildflowers. Furthermore, its also home to 630 Red and Fallow deer which have been roaming freely since 1637. Therefore, it is incredibly important that whilst you run – bike – run around the gorgeous park that you also take care and respect all the wildlife in the park. Please take a look at what you can do to help:

  • Please ensure you do not litter and you discard any litter you have using the bins provided. Any runner seen to litter during the event will be disqualified. Please note that this also applies to gel sachet tops.
  • Please keep at least 50 metres away from the deer and be aware of your surroundings so that you do not come between two rutting stags or a mother and her calf.
  • Give way to deer. Should this occur during the race, all participants must give way to the deer and only continue when the route ahead is clear. Failure to give way to deer will result in disqualification. 
  • Please do not touch, feed or attempt to photograph the deer at close range.
  • Cycling is only permitted on park roads or designated cycle paths. Therefore, please do not cycle on the grass when arriving or departing from your Duathlon.

We all cannot wait to welcome you to take on the challenge in the beautiful Richmond Park, 4 September. We promise there is no event like it.

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