Etape Caledonia FAQs

ETAPE FAQs 2023 




What are the age restrictions for competing?  

The minimum age of entry for the event is 18 years old for the 85 Mile distance and 17 years old for the 40 Mile distance as of 31 December 2023.  


Can I take part with a friend?  

You can choose to take part with others in the same wave providing you and anyone who wants to ride together have both entered in the same team through the entry process, and put the same estimated finish time. Our fulfilment company will match your details and place you in the same wave.  


Is there a cancellation/waiting list?  

Please note that we don’t operate a reserve/cancellation list as we already take into account the usual drop-out rate prior to the event.  


How do I know if I have been accepted into the event?  

Please note that only when you have received a confirmation email from us and have been charged the entry fee can you be sure you have entered the event. Please ensure that you provide us with the correct spelling of your email address upon your application. 


Can I turn up on the day and ride the route?  

The event is restricted to those who have entered the event in advance and we do not accept entry on the day. Roads are officially closed and prohibit all vehicular traffic including cyclists not participating in the Etape Caledonia and bearing event accreditation. The route is marshalled and cyclists without official event accreditation will be refused entry on to the route.  


What happens to my iTAB and other purchases if I deferred my place to 2023? 

All additional purchases including your iTAB medal personalisation and parking spot (if you had one) will be transferred to the 2023 date.  


I am entered into the 2023 event but would now like to change the distance I am competing in. Is this possible?  

Yes, you are able to do this. Please email with your request and we will assist you further. Please note: you will only be able to transfer into challenges with available places. 


I am signed up, but am now unable to make the date – what are my options?  

LSC Membership options   

If you can’t make the date, please get in touch with our Customer Experience team via   

Please note you must let us know you are unable to attend you must let us know a minimum of 1 month before the event date if you would like a refund and 1 week before the event if you would like to defer your place or transfer it to another LSC Member.   


General options   

If you can’t make the date, please get in touch with our Customer Experience team via

All general entry tickets are unable to obtain a refund, transfer or deferral for your place if you cannot attend as per our Terms & Conditions.  



How will the starts be organised?  

The first wave will set off around 06:30am. When you book your place, you will be asked to provide an estimated time of how long you think it will take you to finish the ride. Please pick an appropriate and accurate time frame. The earlier starts will be reserved for entrants who can demonstrate their cycling ability through results in a select number of cycle events. Any competitor who has not participated in cycling events before will be placed in a general category.  


Do I need to bring anything with me on event day?  

You will need to make sure that you bring your bike, helmet, rider number, timing chip (which will need to be collected during registration) and, we strongly recommend that you check the weather forecast and bring the appropriate clothing. Along with this be sure to bring energy supplies to get you through the course.  

You may also find it useful to bring something to attach your rider numbers with, for example: safety pins or a race belt.  


Why is there a cut off time?  

In order to secure the support of local residents and businesses, we must ensure that roads are re-opened at pre-agreed times. An average of 13mph is the slowest possible speed cyclists can travel at to be within this road re-opening schedule. It is felt that this is a reasonable period to allow cyclists to complete the course. After the cut off time, cyclists will be allowed to continue on the route but will have to obey normal traffic regulations and negotiate the traffic that will then be on the road. 

Participants who choose to continue will be outside of the event support infrastructure. A sweep vehicle will be available to collect participants who choose not to complete the full course.  


What happens if I feel unwell whilst cycling?  

See your GP if you have a problem or worry that might make it a risk for you to take part in the event. If you have any known medical conditions (such as diabetes, asthma, allergy to penicillin, etc) inform us prior to the event by entering it in the box provided on the online application.  

In addition, please write all medical details on the back of your event number and put a small indelible red cross on the front of your number. Whether you have a medical condition or not, if you feel unwell on the event day – don’t take part. If you have flu, a feverish cold or a tummy bug, do not train until you have fully recovered. Then start gently and build up gradually. Do not attempt to catch up on lost mileage after illness or injury – this may cause further damage or illness.  


Can I listen to my portable music player during the event?  

No, listening to portable music players on route is not permitted for participants’ safety reasons.  


What do I do with my timing chip?  

In order for us to record your finish time correctly you will need to attach your rider number, which has the timing chip attached to it, to the handlebars of your bike for the duration of the event. The timing chips are disposable so you can take them away with you after the event. Visit the Help Desk in the Event Village for assistance or to see diagrams of where to put your timing chip.  


How will I know my finishing time?  

All results will be available in the LimeLight Sports Club app, on our website after the event. Additionally, if you have provided us with your mobile number on your application, you will also receive a text message with your result.  




Where does the event start/finish?  

Pitlochry in Highland Perthshire will host the start and finish of the event. The route will take in Lochs Tummel and Rannoch in the areas of Atholl and Breadalbane.


Will there be water/food on the course?  

There will be water and feed stations available throughout the course. Energy products and bananas will be available at feed stations, along with a limited supply of high-energy snacks. Within the event village, participants will have the opportunity to purchase additional food and drink. Riders are expected to bring their own for the start. 



What sort of bike can I use?  

Bikes which are not of standard design must be approved by the organisers before the event. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw a participant from the event if their bike is considered, in the organiser’s opinion, to represent a danger to the cyclist or other participants.  

Etape Caledonia 2023 – Permitted Bicycles  

  • E-bikes are permitted but riders won’t qualify for any of the challenges along the route.  

  • Single-speed (both fixed and freewheel) bicycles are allowed as long as they have suitable brakes.  

  • Mountain bikes are allowed, although it is advised to use slick tyres to conserve energy.  

  • Tandems are allowed, both riders must be registered for the event.  

  • Tricycles are permitted  

  • Recumbent bicycles are allowed, however riders will be required to have a head height safety flag attached to the bicycle.  

Please note that participants should ensure their bicycle is roadworthy and the event organisers reserve the right to challenge the safety/road worthiness of any bicycle they see at the event.  


Do both tandem riders need to be registered for the event?  

We are happy for tandem riders to take part but each person must register as an individual rider. This means that each rider will receive a chip and rider number for health and safety reasons. This will however result in your times showing up as individuals and not a team.  


What handlebars can I have on my bike?  

You are not permitted to have unconventional handlebars including triathlon bars, aero bars, clip-ons, prayer bars, Spinaci bars and cow bars. However, MTB bar ends are permitted on mountain bikes.  




Do I have to wear a helmet?  

Consistent with all world class sportives, participants must wear protective headgear which must be of a hard/soft construction and conform to a recognised standard such as EN1078, ANSI Z90.4, SNELL B90 or equivalent national standard. Participants are responsible for carefully selecting the correct headgear, ensuring it is in good condition and is fitted correctly. Please note: The British Kite Mark is not sufficient.  


Is there an official meeting point?  

No, however it is advisable to agree on one with your family/friends before the event if you are trying to meet up with them once you have finished your ride.


How much of the entry fee goes to marie curie?  

Entry fees enable Etape Caledonia to take place and pay for all the administrative and operational costs necessary to stage the event. Although none of the general entry fee goes directly to Marie Curie, we reserve a significant number of discounted entries for Marie Curie charity riders, which in turn gives riders a platform to raise funds for the charity. This is common practice with charities across mass participation events and we are proud to say that we are in the seventh year of our relationship with Marie Curie, during which they have raised over £1.3million directly as a result of the Etape Caledonia. 


When will I receive my event pack?  

At the point of entry it is possible to purchase event pack delivery, this is where your event pack is posted out to you ahead of the event. If you do not purchase event pack delivery, you will be required to collect your event pack from the Event Village in the centre of Pitlochry, which will be signposted clearly, prior to the event on Friday 12 May or Saturday 13 May. Participants cannot collect event packs on event day.  

Please bring a valid photo ID with you or a signed photocopy and a letter of authorization along with the participants QR code (sent out the week of the event) if you are collecting an event pack on someone else’s behalf. 


Is there parking available?  

Limited car parking is available a couple of hundred metres from the start/finish line and can be purchased during the registration process. Please note that parking is available on a first come, first served basis. Parking will be available in Pitlochry on Saturday and Sunday of event weekend providing there are still spaces. As it is extremely popular, we urge you to book in advance to avoid disappointment. If you do choose to pay on the day, please make sure you have the correct change to do so. We highly advise you arrive as early as possible to avoid queuing.  

Road closures and parking suspensions occur in Pitlochry and surrounding areas as a result of the event taking place. Please note, Police and Traffic Wardens will patrol the parking suspensions throughout the event and vehicles parked illegally will be ticketed. If participants intend to drive to the event they must park in the event car park, clearly signposted when you arrive in Pitlochry. Does this still all apply?  


I am not receiving e-newsletters and email communication?  

There may be several reasons for this. Firstly, please ensure that you are entered correctly into the event by following the instructions outlined above. Secondly, emails can often get directed straight into junk/spam folders or get rejected by email servers altogether. Please ensure that you check those filters and additionally add ‘’ to your safe senders list.  


Who do I contact for lost property?  

Please visit the Help Desk on the day of the event. Alternatively, you can email us at with a detailed description of your lost item(s).  


Will I receive anything before the event?  

You will receive a number of e-newsletters and regular updates in the lead up to the event. These will contain key information about the day and offer more ways to ensure you get the most from the day. Depending on when and how you sign up (please see our ‘WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY EVENT PACK?’ FAQ above), your event pack will either be posted to you or available for collection at event pack pick up before the event. Event packs will not be available for collection on the morning of the event.  


Where can I dispose of my rubbish?  

There will be clearly signed ‘Litter Zones’ at a number of locations around the route where cyclists can dispose of any rubbish while on the move. Those seen littering outside of these zones will have their timing chip removed and will be disqualified from the event.  




How will the road be closed?  

Etape Caledonia is going to close all access roads onto the route in advance of the first cyclists, using cones, barriers and traffic management personnel. This will be supplemented by motor cycle marshals and will comply with current legislation regarding cycling on the highway. This will create a traffic free environment for the entire event, subject to participants being able to maintain the minimum average speed of 13mph. This is NOT what is called a rolling road closure where motorcycles travel ahead of the event and stop traffic that is already on the route for a short period of time to allow participants past. Given the length of the closure this would be impractical and inconvenient for road users. If you are a local resident with further queries relating to specific closures, please contact our Customer Experience team on